Lebefa Smart E-scooter A9 Plus


An electric scooter is a tool that is used for both recreation and eco-friendly transportation. Lebafa smart balance scooter is ergonomically designed. The innovative design of this device allows you to experience high speed and excitement with 100% safety. Two 500 watt motors allow you to experience a speed of over 18 km/h. The power and creative design of this scooter gives this device the ability to overcome a 15 degree slope. The dynamic adjustment of the machine's engine power ensures a smooth and safe ride on a variety of surfaces from asphalt to gravel. The intensity of the LED lights in front of the scooter is adjusted depending on the amount of external light. The rear LED lights of the device also change color when turning or braking, so the safety of the user at night is ensured. Thanks to the lithium battery and smart charge management, this model can travel up to 20 kilometers without charging. Lebafa electric scooter is compact and small and can easily be placed in the trunk, workplace and elevator and is easily portable. This device has the PS5 standard, which adds to this device high resistance to water and moisture so that you can use it safely in rainy weather. By connecting to the scooter and using its smart features, you can easily turn the device on, off and adjust its speed using your mobile phone. The height of the ergonomic handle of the smart electric scooter M9-1 plus Lebfa can also be adjusted according to your preference. The body of the device is made of heavy magnesium alloy and makes it a suitable personal vehicle for any user.

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