Lebefa Self-Balencing Kick Scooter 125PP4_7





This scooter with popular and cool designs is an ideal playmate for kids. Its fixed steering system makes it easier to maintain the balance of the scooter and doubles the safety of this scooter. With this steering model, the child does not need to turn the steering wheel to turn left and right, he/she just have to tilt the scooter. This feature prevents your beloved child from falling. The body of the scooter is also made of polypropylene, which does not have sharp parts and is very resistent. The mentioned features make riding with this scooter very easy even for young children. Lebafa self-balancing scooter has LED light-up wheels, which makes it even more beautiful, that shine at night and provide more safety for the child. Also, its adjustable steering wheel (68 to 86 cm) allows the scooter to grow with the child. You can easily fold the scooter's handlebar and put it in the trunk of your car and take it with you on trips, parks and walks.



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