Turbo Self-Balencing Kick Scooter 125PP-9


The latest scooter manufacturing technologies have been used in the production of Lebafa's smoking , musical scooter. This scooter, which is suitable for children from 2 to 8 years old, have the weight capacity of up to 60 kg. The handlebar height is adjustable and allows you to make it longer or shorter based on your child's height. This scooter is equipped with two fog exhausts, and by pouring water into the tank of these exhausts, you can simultaneously experience the beautiful dance of colorful lights and the exciting release of water in the form of fog. The wide wheels with lights and the musicality of these scooters makes the ride even more enjoyable. Having a foldable handlebar and the lightness of these scooters make it easy for you to carry this scooter and make it one of the most attractive gifts for children.




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